New Project AWARE Hammerhead Mask Strap


Project AWARE Special Offer for PADI Member Renewals

Heads Up! Hammerheads Need Protection

Nearly one in five shark and ray species is threatened with extinction – the time to act is now.

High demand for the international fin trade is the main driver for hammerhead fishing. In some areas hammerhead populations are down 80%.

Help hammer home protections for sharks worldwide and donate today. With a gift of £15, €15, CHF20 or more, PADI Members receive a limited edition Project AWARE hammerhead mask strap. Make a donation on your PADI Member Renewal 2014 Form or ask your PADI Team at [email protected]

Webinar Scuba Earth 101 – join the revolution in real time!

se_flyertemplateAre you curious to know how Scuba Earth can benefit your daily business and how to use it in real time? What the benefits and connection between Discover Scuba Diving and Scuba Earth is?

Just register for the webinar Scuba Earth 101 and enjoy the explanation online in real time. All you need is a computer with high speed internet and a headset with microphone to login.

This webinar, special for members from Finland and Estonia, will take place tuesday evening the 29th of october @ 20.00 hours Finnisch/ Estonian time.  You can register here. After registration you will recieve an email with the login codes.

Join the revolution and see you online!

Getting the most out of the new PADI DSD programme!

se_flyertemplateWith PADI’s new Discover Scuba Diving® Participant Guide (product no. 72200) now a few months old and a number of great DSD events across some key European markets behind us, its a great opportunity to have a look at how best your centre can profit from the programme.

With the new guide PADI really helps you in getting those DSD to Open Wate Diver conversions. The guide has a number of benefits for the DSD participant which we think will make them much more open to conversion, plus they get some really great things to take away and remember the amazing DSD experience you have provided.

Each Discover Scuba Diving® Participant includes a special code that unlocks a number of benefits for the DSD participant; including a commemorative Discover Scuba Diving eCard (which has been a very popular item with participants), access to the PADI Open Water Diver Online Preview, 90-day trial access to PADI Diving Society and 90-day trial access to ScubaEarth Premium.

To claim these benefits participants need to sign up to ScubaEarth and select a primary dive centre – This is why its important for your centre to be registered on ScubaEarth.  If they can’t select you then your chances of conversion are lowered.  This is particularly important when it comes to the eLearning preview as participants can purchase the full version through this.  That means a potential extra revenue stream has now gone to a competitor.

Don’t forget its not just DSD participants that you can  engage—and convert – For example, when users log on to ScubaEarth, they can join your Dive Crew, check out what gear you recommend, keep up with your store’s announcements (including your events or specials), look at your photos and follow anything you post on ScubaEarth. This gives them a direct connection with your dive centre’s activities. If you haven’t logged on to or been active on ScubaEarth lately, take the time to do so now.

You can register via your stores PADI Pros Account logon.  You can find more information to guide you through this process on the Pros site also.   Once signed up you can access ScubaEarth directly via using the same logon as your Pros account.DSD email example

Remember one of the most effective ways to increase conversion is to send out course
completion emails, here you can push the upsell but also give the participant that special feeling that comes with completing a PADI course!  But thats not all, you can use this email to promote all your Social media, maybe newsletter or next club event.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to use ScubaEarth check out these other articles

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Get Involved With ScubaEarth

For more information, contact your PADI Regional Manager. To order the new Discover Scuba Diving Participant Guide, contact your PADI Sales Consultant

First Roundtable meeting in Helsinki

PADI Round tableOn Wensday the 9th of October there is an PADI Round Table meeting scheduled in Helsinki. All PADI Retail and Resort Association Members in Finland and Estonia have been invited. This Round Table Meeting is a great oppertunaty to meet PADI EMEA Staff and discuss various topics with them that are related to the daily business. Experience has shown that the Round Table meetings have created a solid foundation for communication among our PADI Retail & Resort Association Members. Open communication is helping us to find the best way to move forward in our regions.  We are looking forward to meet as many of our PRRA members as possible!