Project AWARE: Sharks and Rays Without Borders

Project AWARE has another big opportunity to help make change for vanishing sharks and rays – one that only comes along once every three years. Every voice counts and we need yours!


Please Take 3 Minutes of Action Today:

  • Send a Letter asking countries to work together for shark & ray protection
  • Join the Thunderclap to send a loud, unified message over social media #SharksWithoutBorders


The Campaign: Beginning Nov 3rd, Project AWARE and partners will be in Ecuador, at the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP11) representing the diver voice among representatives from 120 nations. 21 species of sharks and rays are on the agenda – including some of our favorite hammerheads, silky sharks and reef mantas.

The Issue: Varied degrees of protection exist for sharks and rays around the globe. These animals migrate – crossing many political boundaries. A hammerhead protected here, is not necessarily protected elsewhere. For these ocean travelers, international cooperation is vital.

If Successful: Our voice – the voice of the dive community – can help persuade countries to work together, implementing international agreements for their protection.

Thank you for your 3 minutes today and thank you for giving sharks and rays a voice! Be sure to find out more or make a donation to support the campaign.

Diversnight and cake

Diversnight on the 6th of November 2014

Atlantis Dive CollegeDiversnight is an international night dive, and is all about diving and the social aspect of diving. Groups of divers register their site on and arrange a night dive that includes cake. Cake is one of the key ingredients in Diversnight, as this is what Diversnight once was founded on. Diversnight takes place the first Thursday of November every year. Now, it used to be the first Thursday of December, but in 2010 the Nordic countries experienced a really rough winter and no open water could be found to dive in so the organizers decided to move it one month earlier. The actual dive takes place at the time that matches the year, every year. For 2012, the dive took place at 20:12 (8:12PM) local time. For 2013, it took place at 20:13 (8:13PM) local time, and for 2014 the dive will take place at 20:14 (8:14PM). Get the idea?

How can we partake?

In order to partake in this fantastic, international event, either contact your PADI dive center and ask them to arrange an event or gather your diving friends and register your site! Check the registered sites on to see if your local PADI Dive center has already registered a dive site. Only one person (the organizer of the local event) per dive site needs to register. Each dive shop, or group, will have to keep their own roster of participants.

Some history about the previous Diversnight

2005: 351 divers in Norway.
2006: 889 divers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
2007: 1859 divers in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Svalbard.
2008: 2183 divers in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Egypt, Indonesia, France, Spain, Faroe Islands and Belgium.
2009: 2749 divers, 218 dive sites and 20 countries
2010: 1700 divers, 175 dive sites and 22 countries
2011: 2577 divers, 196 dive sites and 24 countries
2012: 2322 divers, 231 dive sites and 25 countries
2013: 2113 divers, 167 dive sites and 20 countries
2014: ???

Enjoy the night dive and remember if you never done a night dive before contact your local PADI dive center and they can organize everything you need to complete to participate in this amazing international diving event.

PADI Member Forum i Malmö

PADI Member Forum

PADI EMEA önskar alla PADI Medlemmar välkomna till ett PADI Member Forum i Malmö den 15 Januari, klockan 19.00. Jag kommer att presentera den nya Open Water Kursen, Reactivate, Discover Scuba Diving samt trender på marknaden.

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Malmo
    Ostergatan 10, SE-211 25 Malmo
    T: +46 40 6984000

Jag ser fram emot att se er den 15 Januari. Kontakta gärna mig om ni har några frågor eller om det är något jag kan hjälpa till med.

Med vänlig hälsning

Jonas Samuelsson
PADI Regional Manager
[email protected]