How to… Implement seasonal email campaigns with MailChimp and EVE [Webinar]


Throughout the year, there are plenty of seasonal, holiday and event-based marketing opportunities which you can take advantage of to get new and existing customers in the water with you. For example here are just a few ideas:

  • Summer or Winter specials
  • Promotions based around local events
  • New Year resolution packages
  • Birthdays or Festive periods (a great gift giving opportunity)
  • Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – promote family experiences
  • Awareness Days – Earth Day, World Ocean’s Day, Women’s Day…
  • They’ve just completed a course – what’s the next step for them?

To help you get started, we’ve recorded a webinar which provides instructions on implementing, editing and integrating seasonal email marketing campaigns with MailChimp and EVE. The webinar provides tips on:

  • Where to find the free email templates to download
  • How to upload and edit templates within MailChimp
  • How to integrate your edited template to a MailChimp campaign
  • How to integrate merge tags to auto-fill customer details
  • How to integrate and automate seasonal templates within EVE

You can also download the free email templates mentioned in the webinar here:

Remember, by using EVE, you can use your customer database to deliver relevant, targeted email campaigns automatically and with ease. For more tips, check out this video or contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Training Insights… PADI Rescue Diver Part 1: Who are our potential PADI Rescue Divers?


Any PADI Open Water Diver aged 12 years or older can start their PADI Rescue Diver course by completing the Knowledge Development and Rescue Exercises in confined water! Encourage them to consider PADI Rescue Diver training as an integrated part of their development.

PADI Adventure Divers who have completed the Underwater Navigation dive can complete the full PADI Rescue Diver course.

Top Tip: Targeted Packages to Drive Sales

To help boost your sales in continuing education courses, why not create an email campaign that targets your existing PADI Open Water Diver customers. Offer them a package to include PADI Adventure Diver/Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver.

Better still, if your divers are local or are staying in your area for a few weeks, offer them a PADI Master Scuba Diver package that includes:

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • 5 x PADI Specialty courses
  • Getting 50 logged dives as experience

This the ideal way to combine training and diving into the ultimate experience that delivers a win-win for both your business and your customers.

Promoting the course package:

By using EVE, you can use your customer database to deliver relevant, targeted email campaigns automatically and with ease. For more tips, check out this video or contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Alternatively, invite existing PADI Open Water divers to attend an informal evening where you can organise fun talks, workshops and information about courses to inspire them to sign up (as well as gain additional equipment sales on the night).

To help promote the courses, you can download a free digital marketing toolbox which includes posters, leaflets, flyers and email graphics. You can use these materials to advertise the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, the PADI Rescue Diver course and the PADI Master Scuba Diver course plus many more. Click here to download the toolbox in ZIP format. You can also access it from within the PADI Pros’ Site by visiting Toolbox > Marketing > Marketing Campaign > and in the section ‘Campaign Tools PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa’.


For more information about the free digital marketing toolbox please contact [email protected].

For more information on the training requirements for PADI courses, please contact [email protected].

5 Reasons Why the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch Benefits YOU as a PADI Pro


The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch is a fully interactive and comprehensive digital product that teaches students about scuba systems, cylinders, regulators, rebreathers, instruments and more. Here are 5 reasons why it benefits YOU as a PADI Professional:

#1 – It’s the modern way to teach the PADI Equipment Specialist course. As smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular, it’s important to keep up with the trends of a fast paced digital world. With the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch, your students will have access to a new and highly engaging method of learning that’s ready at their fingertips and will match their modern day expectations.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Meeting expectations = satisfied customers who will enjoy their experience and be more likely to recommend your business.

5#2 – Interactive 3D diagrams will enrich learning. Some students can feel confused about how components really fit together and how they work as a system. The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch combats this issue by adding interactive 3D diagrams that can be rotated and expanded to give students a true 360 degree insight to their equipment. Not only does this assist their understanding, it can also turn a potentially tricky topic into a fun and engaging experience.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Better understanding = effective and enjoyable sessions that will ensure students will want to keep on learning – and diving – with you.

#3 – Communicates the importance of maintenance. After studying the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch, students will have a better understanding of how their equipment works and therefore, how and why it can fail. This will naturally lead to them wanting to take better care of diving equipment (whether that’s your rental gear or their own purchases) and having a greater appreciation for equipment servicing recommendations.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Customers who take care of their kit = less damage and cost to your rental gear and increased profit from servicing and replacement gear sales.

#4 – Empowers customers to make informed purchases. Customers who have the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch will be better informed about the range of equipment and features on offer to them, as well as what will suit their diving needs and how they should take care of their prized purchases afterwards. They might want to upgrade existing equipment or buy accessories to help them look after what they already own.

The benefit to PADI Pros? Informed customers who are happy with their purchases = satisfied customers who will recommend you, and more profit for your business from increased equipment sales.

#5 – It can be used again and again. The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch doesn’t contain knowledge reviews or exams, so although it’s an ideal companion for the PADI_Shaws_April_2015_2223PADI Equipment Specialist course, it can be used for other purposes, too. Divers taking the next step in their professional development might find this a great tool to help expand their resources as well as using it as a teaching tool. New divers might be keen to soak up as much scuba knowledge as possible before taking another course. The portable, digital format means that it’s easy to keep the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch ready at their fingertips no matter when or where they might want to brush up on their knowledge.

The benefit to PADI Pros? A learning tool that divers can revisit whenever they need = knowledgeable customers who will be better prepared for trips and future courses.

“The Touch product is very easy to sell, we just show customers the product on our iPads. It’s bright, very easy to use with really cool expanding diagrams! We have our own PowerPoint presentation that we used to use, but the Touch covers everything in great detail and is easy to use, also makes for great reference material that they can dip into again at any time plus, frees our time up. It’s a great springboard for putting kit like regulator sets into customers’ hands.

-Kim Langridge, PADI Course Director & Owner, Island Divers

To purchase or learn more about PADI Equipment Specialist Touch, contact your PADI Sales Consultant at [email protected] or +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours, or visit the PADI e-Shop via the PADI Pro’s Site where you can place orders 24/7, 365 days a year.

PADI Online Business Service #2 – Employment Board

Go_Pro_CAY07_1136_TS_KingWorld_LGAre you looking for a dream career in the diving industry? If so, then make sure you regularly visit the Employment Board located on the PADI Pros’ Site (one of the fantastic benefits available to renewed PADI Members).

The Employment Board is located within the ‘Classifieds’ section on the PADI Pros’ Site and lists details of the latest openings around the world – from dive guiding and teaching positions through to administration, boat captaining, equipment maintenance and more. There’s also a section where you can find opportunities to buy or sell existing Dive Center businesses, resorts or boats.

Within the Employment board, you can even add your own advertisement offering your services as a PADI Professional to others in the diving industry, or check out what the latest career openings are in your local PADI Regional Headquarter office.

The PADI Pros’ Site offers a range of excellent benefits in addition to providing access to the latest job vacancies within the diving industry. Don’t miss the chance to get your dream job – make sure you’re renewed for 2015 and checking the Employment Board regularly for the latest additions!

Win With PADI…

PADI is committed to the growth and prosperity of the scuba diving industry. Whether it’s through preserving the ocean we explore or creating innovative ways to teach the sport, PADI’s main focus is its members. PADI develops, maintains and supplies our industry with the most advanced dive training materials found worldwide.

Specifically, the PADI Retail and Resort Association provides its members with techniques and solutions to staying competitive and successful in today’s marketplace. As a member of the PADI Retail and Resort Association you benefit from more than just the prestige of the PADI brand. You also get a comprehensive suite of benefits guaranteed to drive more divers through your doors.

Find out more in the PADI Retailer and Resort Association Benefits Guide – click here to download.

Together We’re #1 In Diving!

Patrick Voorma – PADI Regional Manager, South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa


Patrick Voorma – PADI Regional Manager, South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa (excluding Cape Verde and Tunisia)

Contact details:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +27 72 997 29 00

A quick bio from Patrick Voorma:

I first started diving in 1989 in Cape Town South Africa. I served as a Major the South African Defense force for 8 years. Since then I have managed and owned various businesses including Adventure tour companies and Photographic shops.

I became a PADI Pro in 2006 and went on to become a PADI Course Director 2009. I have managed and owned PADI dive centres in South Africa before I was appointed as a PADI Regional Manager.

I am a PADI TecRec Instructor Trainer and I have a love for deep technical diving (on both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit Rebreather) and cave diving.

My passion for deep diving and history has led to the discovery of 10 previously unknown wrecks off the coast of South Africa in 2 years including submarines, warships and passenger ships.

Fun stuff…

When did you first learn to dive?
In Cape Town in 1989

How many dives have you done?

What is the first bit of dive equipment you bought?
Scubapro Knighthawk BCD

If you could only pack one bit of dive equipment to take with you on a trip what would it be?
My dive computers

What is your favourite dive site in the South Africa?
The HMS Otus Submarine, The Istar Wreck and No1 reef off Durban…sorry but they are all my favourite!

What is your favourite dive site in the world?
Jesser Canyon, Sodwana Bay.. I know its South Africa..but it’s out of this world

What song do you currently like to listen to before you go diving?
Milky Chance – Stolen Dance

What is your favourite animal underwater?
Frog Fish

What animal would you love to see on your next dive?

What dive site is at the top of your to wish list?
Galapagos Islands

What sort of food do you pack in your lunch box to eat between dives?
Whatever was left over from the night before…

If you could go diving with someone (dead or alive) who would it be?
Sheck Exley

How To… Use the PADI Open Water Diver Touch

PADI Open Water Touch ahora disponible en español, francés, alemán, coreano e inglésThe PADI Open Water Diver Touch is exciting, interactive and portable and leads the way into digital learning for your students.

More and more consumers use mobile devices in their daily routine. The PADI Open Water Diver Touch enables customers to prepare for their confined and open water dives anytime and anywhere without need for Wi-Fi access. They will be able to study the PADI Open Water Diver course syllabus, watch engaging videos that will enrich their learning experience, and test their knowledge with interactive quizzes.

To find out more about the benefits of the PADI Open Water Diver Touch, download our handy one page guide here. It explains step by step how to integrate the PADI Open Water Diver Touch into your business and serves as an easy reference sheet to jog your memory in future.howtouseowdt

To purchase or learn more about the PADI Open Water Diver Touch, contact your PADI Sales Consultant at [email protected] or +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours, or visit the PADI e-Shop via the PADI Pro’s Site where you can place orders 24/7, 365 days a year.

5 Reasons Why PADI ReActivate Benefits YOU as a PADI Pro


PADI ReActivate™ is a revolutionary program specifically designed to encourage and support inactive divers in returning to the water as well as allowing regular divers to practice and refresh their skills. Here are 5 reasons why it benefits YOU as a PADI Professional:

#1 – It gets inactive divers back into the water. You may have customers from long ago who stopped diving because life got in the way. PADI ReActivate offers them a way to refresh rusty skills in a fun and approachable way that will make them feel confident, at ease, and relieved that they won’t have to start all of their training from scratch.

The Benefit to PADI Pros? More active customers = more active profit for your business.

#2 – It’s the way divers learn today. These days, many customers are permanently attached to their digital devices: mobile phones, tablets and laptops. By offering PADI ReActivate Touch, you’ll be able to offer these students a fully interactive and highly PADI University Program Channel Islands Shoot March 24-29, 2007engaging way of learning that will live up to their modern day expectations of learning in the fast paced digital world.

The Benefit to PADI Pros? Meeting customer expectations = more engaged customers who will enjoy their experience and be more likely to recommend your business.

#3 – It will help you prepare students for further training. You might have customers who are unsure about taking the next course because they are not quite confident in their skills – perhaps it’s been a little while since they last trained. On the flipside, you might have customers who are almost too eager to start the next course despite being out of the water for a while, and you want to make sure their skills are up to scratch before taking them to the next level. The PADI ReActivate course is the perfect tool to help you – and your students – bridge the gap that time can create between courses.

The Benefit to PADI Pros? Prepared students = safer, more enjoyable and more efficient courses for everyone involved.

#4 – The prescriptive format saves time. Some divers might come to you needing a full refresher on all of their core skills and theory, right back to basics. Others might only need a quick brush-up on one or two brief areas. The beauty of the PADI ReActivate program is iPad-ReActivate Coverthat it will give each and every student a personalised syllabus based on the areas they need to refresh – nothing more. By completing quick review questions at the start of each chapter, they’ll know straight away which topics they might need to study and where they’ll need practice – ensuring you and your students will be able to focus your time effectively on the right areas.

The Benefit to PADI Pros? Knowing what your customer does – and does not – need to refresh = efficient, straightforward sessions which help you make the best use of your business schedules.

#5 – A ReActivated student gets a ReActivated Certification Card. When a student has completed their PADI ReActivate program, they’ll get an updated certification card as part of the package which shows exactly when they completed their refresher. If a diver has comes to your business on their holiday and they have a recently ReActivated certification, you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect from that student before they’ve even hit the water.


The Benefit to PADI Pros? Being able to verify that a diver has recently ReActivated their skills = more efficient trip schedules with fewer surprises.

To purchase or learn more about PADI ReActivate, contact your PADI Sales Consultant at [email protected] or +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours, or visit the PADI e-Shop via the PADI Pro’s Site where you can place orders 24/7, 365 days a year.

Guest Blogger: Introducing Alexandra Dimitriou

Alexandra Dimitriou selfieAlexandra Dimitriou is a dive center owner in Agia Napa, Cyprus. She became a diver in 1992 and received her bachelor’s degree in Oceanography at Plymouth University in 2003. Her love of the ocean has always been her driving force, and this has led to the natural progression of becoming a diving instructor in 2005. She is currently a PADI staff instructor and owner at Scuba Monkey Ltd and will be writing a series of guest blogs for PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa.

So, how did she get where she is today? Where does she want to go tomorrow? We caught up with Alexandra Dimitriou for the low-down…..

How did I become who I am today?

I am a “BBC” – a British Born Cypriot, but I grew up in Cyprus. I was lucky enough to have a childhood full of sea, sun and schooling. I could swim before I could walk and scuba diving was always going to be my future. My father was a scuba instructor for the British Sub Aqua Club and he was crazy about diving (he still is). He had a tiny compressor in our garage, and he painstakingly filled the tanks for his friends, as well as himself, all week in preparation for the weekend. The noise from this little machine used to drive my mother crazy, it took hours to fill just a few tanks, and the not-so low hum of this air pumping miracle became the soundtrack to my childhood.

I was always a strong swimmer and I can’t remember ever being chased around with water wings or other buoyancy aids by my mother. My father taught my brother David and I how to snorkel early so we could follow his bubbles while him and his group were diving. We would follow their bubbles as long as we could and often our jaws would ache from stretching our mouths wide enough to accommodate the mouthpiece (no kids’ sizes back then). We would help him and his friends get ready, and those moments were what I lived for every summer.

Under the BSAC umbrella, we were unable to become divers until we were 15 years old. I couldn’t wait that long. I just couldn’t. My father was good friends with a local PADI Instructor and he took me to his Dive Center in the Golden Coast Hotel one summer.Costas was my hero after that day. He put me through the PADI Open Water Diver course after I spent the summer helping them with anything that they would allow me to: coffee, floor sweeping, wetsuit washing – anything! I was twelve years old when I became a scuba diver. It was a milestone that has dictated my life ever since.

Catching the “SCUBA-bug”

I “worked” at the dive center every summer after that. I was rewarded every year with a new course and my enthusiasm grew exponentially. I was living in the UK by this time, for education, but I would return home every six weeks. I went diving whenever I could, but I did not put a toe in the colder British waters until I went to university in Plymouth. I graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in oceanography in 2003. My favourite modules were the underwater surveying ones. My diving experience secured me a spot on a work experience trip to Mexico, where we were counting sea lion pups for 3 weeks while camping in the desert. I still remember how these beautiful creatures moved underwater. Sea lion pups would often play “chicken” with you – swimming with a scary speed on what looked like a collision course before turning at the last possible second. They were training how to hunt. They were having fun. I was terrified for the first week, but by the time I was finished didn’t want to go home. Ever.

From Scuba Enthusiast to Scuba Professional

Alexandra DimitriouI did not become a PADI Divemaster until 2005 as I went sailing for a year after I graduated. I remember thinking that I wanted to take the first step on the professional ladder in dive conditions that were far from perfect. Plymouth waters were cold, and dry suits made me feel like an astronaut, but I loved it. My father thought I was crazy, but I assured him that I wanted to have more experience in low-visibility waters to prepare me for less than ideal conditions when working in regions outside of the Mediterranean.

I worked as a Divemaster in Ayia Napa Cyprus over the summer of 2005 with Lucky Divers. I received no payment, instead working in exchange for training in the form of the end of season PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC). I was one of 25 candidates, a huge group by today’s standards. We worked hard, we learned and we practiced until we were ready for the PADI Instructor Exam (IE) in October 2005. We were having fun, more fun than I have ever had. The Course Director and 7 IDC staff members definitely put us through our paces, often drilling us so hard that I remember dreaming about positive reinforcements, mask clearing and worries about failing to hover in front of the examiner. My worries were unfounded, just as I was assured of, and I became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor on Halloween, 2005. It was life changing.

The freedom of being an instructor

As an instructor I could now travel freely, funding myself while on the move without the need to go home and recharge the bank account. I worked in Cyprus, Thailand, Australia and Mexico; exploring each region in detail, unrestricted by time. I settled into every walk of life. I met people from every corner of the globe. It broke my heart to move on most times, but wanderlust is often strong within diving instructors and I was no exception. I must have done something right, however, as I have students who follow me to whereever I am when they want to take their next course.

Taking the Leap from Instructor to Dive Center Owner

I decided to become a dive center owner in 2011. I flew to Dusseldorf, Germany and went to Boot – the Disneyland for divers. I fell in love at Boot – with the L&W 450es compressor! I started choosing my dream equipment. I started visualizing my dream location. Everything was going well. We chose the hotel and had meetings for tour operator contracts set up for the spring of 2011.

I worked one more season as an employee in Cyprus in the summer of 2011, ever watching for the ideal location for my own school. I found it. I rented it. I found a concept coordinator who made my dreams an affordable reality. I gathered quotes for equipment. I formulated my profit and loss spreadsheets. I bought my beloved compressor. I gave it a name and Scuba Monkey Ltd opened its doors in May 2013. It was a proud moment.

Where I am now

We overcame the obstacles that any start-up business encounters. The move from instructor to dive center owner has been a steep learning curve, but I love it. It challenges me every single day and I cannot see my love of diving ever becoming mundane. I am hugely involved in all sides of the business and do most of the diving myself. Yes, I could delegate the water work to my team, but where is the fun in that? If I don’t dive at least once a day I become miserable. I was addicted to scuba from the first inhalation and I will continue as long as I am able. If I ever hang up my fins for good I will shut my doors forever. I will never get tired of it. Diving is my life and always will be.

Plans for the Future: Where do I want to go tomorrow?

Scuba MonkeyMy dream for tomorrow is growth: Growth for myself as a diver by learning new disciplines like sidemount, and growth for my business by offering an ever expanding menu of possibilities. I’m am extremely excited about the new digital learning options that PADI have been developing and releasing recently. The PADI Open Water Touch is a beautiful thing. You will fall in love with learning all over again with the first fluid finger swipe across your tablet, and the planet will thank you for choosing this paper-free alternative.

My five year plan for Scuba Monkey is to keep offering quality, not quantity….and growing slowly until I reach the criteria I need to qualify for all-desirable PADI 5* Status. I know I will get there, and if your dream is like mine – to open your own center – then you will too!

PADI App Feature: Logging Dives Part 2: Training Dives

In addition to logging recreational dives with ScubaEarth, the PADI App also makes it really easy for student divers to log training dives – and have them verified digitally by their PADI Instructor.


Logging training dives is an essential part of any PADI course and part of PADI Standards, as it ensures the student diver has a clear record of completing the exercise as well as information about the conditions, equipment, scenario and any comments or feedback regarding the dive itself.

PADI Instructors are encouraged to sit with students to help them log their dives straight after the debrief so that the details are still fresh in mind. Gone are the days of soggy pages and pens that don’t work properly – many students will already be using their mobile devices to tweet, call and message their experience with friends and family, so the tools they’ll need to log their dive are ready and right at their fingertips.

Just like logging a recreational dive, adding training dives is quick and easy for students to do:

How to log student training dives in the PADI App:

  1. From the PADI App homepage, choose Log
  2. Select “+” to create a new dive log
  3. Choose “Training Log” from the options
  4. Select the Training Dive (Open Water Training Dive 1, 2 etc.)
  5. Enter the name of the dive site, and select from the list
  6. Enter the PADI Instructors Member number
  7. Complete the remaining options to describe the dive
  8. Click “Next” and that’s it – the log has been entered
  9. Click “Log” to revisit previously logged dives

Currently, only PADI Open Water Diver training dives are available to log via this process. Other courses will be available in the future – watch the blog for updates!

For the PADI Instructor, it’s also very easy to verify a training record that their student diver has entered:

How to approve your student’s training dives:

1. You will receive an email letting you know you have a new log waiting to be approved

2. Log onto the PADI Pros’ Site > Online Processing Center


3. Click on the “eTraining Dive Log” button


4. You will see a list of pending dive logs and can click to approve them, or reject it if something is incorrect


5. If rejecting a log, you will be able to enter details of why it has been rejected and what the student needs to make the entry accurate. The diver will receive an email with this rejection, and details on how they can resubmit their entry.

rejected training log

6. This process continues until the log has been approved – after which time it can no longer be edited.

trraining dives

When student divers purchase and redeem their certification paks, they have access to the eTraining Dive Log in their ScubaEarth account and can also log dives on ScubaEarth via the ScubaEarth App or via a personal computer.

The completely revamped PADI App is now available for Apple iOS and Android-based devices. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download it today!

PADI Online Business Service #1 – Online Shopping

eShop MockupThe PADI e-Shop is just one of the many benefits available to PADI Members via the PADI Pros’ Site. This one-stop online shopping portal enables all renewed PADI Professionals to:

  • Search for products and course materials
  • Find out the latest offers and sales promotions
  • Place orders and complete transactions online
  • Track existing orders to see the progress
  • Print receipts for your record keeping
  • Access order history information

Because all of the above can be accessed through the PADI e-Shop, you’ll be able to enjoy 24/7 access 365 days a year – no need to wait until office opening hours to get your orders completed.

Plus, if you’re purchasing PADI Digital Products (such as PADI Open Water Diver Touch, PADI ReActivate Touch or PADI Equipment Specialist Touch) they’ll appear in your PADI Online Processing Center account almost instantly, ensuring you’re ready to register your next student without interruption – anytime of the day or night.

Find out more about how to use the PADI e-Shop to make purchases here.

If you have any questions about the PADI e-Shop, contact your local Sales Consultant at [email protected] or +44 (0) 117 3007234.

Win With PADI…

PADI is committed to the growth and prosperity of the scuba diving industry. Whether it’s through preserving the ocean we explore or creating innovative ways to teach the sport, PADI’s main focus is its members. PADI develops, maintains and supplies our industry with the most advanced dive training materials found worldwide.

Specifically, the PADI Retail and Resort Association provides its members with techniques and solutions to staying competitive and successful in today’s marketplace. As a member of the PADI Retail and Resort Association you benefit from more than just the prestige of the PADI brand. You also get a comprehensive suite of benefits guaranteed to drive more divers through your doors.

Find out more in the PADI Retailer and Resort Association Benefits Guide – click here to download.

Together We’re #1 In Diving!