Interviews with Dive Industry Leaders – Martin Pedersen

PADI Regional Manager Jonas Samuelsson talking to Martin Pedersen, OceanAdventures, about his passion for diving, environmental issues and his new shop in Kolding, Denmark.

Open water - MartinTell us how you got involved in diving?

Well I guess the passion for the sea started at a very young age. Though they’re where no divers in my family, my grandfather was an old fisherman. I have spend countless of hours on a little boat in “Lillebælt”, just staring at the sea and waiting on what wonders my grandfathers net was bringing up from the depth. These hidden secrets grew on me with my age, the unexplored had too be explored. I blew first bubbles at the local evening school for young kids. This day I still remember the feeling, I guess all divers remember their first bubbles and what an experience that was, well I surely still do and wow what a feeling! That truly kick started the whole thing and my love for the sea and ocean grew only stronger by the day.

LE dykkereWhat fascinate you so much with diving?

Diving is a passion, a lifestyle, a way of thinking and not only the sport that it is recognized as. I love my family, but I really love the ocean too. When I say it’s a lifestyle, a passion, I mean it all goes hand in hand, diving is for every one, when you think you have tried it all, seen it all, experienced it all, the ocean just keeps on surprising in wonderful ways. A normal dive, at you local divespot, you have done maybe 500 times before, but that one day it just blows you away with a new and unexpected experience, you totally forget time, forget all the bills you need to pay, the complaints form the boss. At that unique moment you feel at special connection, and its not at connection to WIFI or a mobile phone, it’s a connection to the ocean and at the same time you realize what at small brick you are in the big puzzle called mother nature. That is what I call ocean love and that is my fascination.

DM træningYou are active in creating public awareness for protecting our lakes and oceans. Tell us more please.

My company was founded on ideals to teach and educate the public about the unknown and unexplored seas around Denmark. Based in Kolding with the narrow strait of Lillebælt in the backyard, it became my playground and base of operation. The whole concept was the get people aware of our seas and introducing them in a eco-friendly way. What we did, was we made a lot of educational events, funded by different organizations, and then we went out to public schools, government institutions, kindergaardens, public areas, shopping streets etc and created an event called ‘Feel the Ocean’. The goal was simple, to give the ocean a voice. But what we did was even better; we influenced a whole young generation in a city. We made them taste, feel, smell, see and explore what we had with us from the sea and educated them in a new way, where there was no limits, test or exams. And of course the best of it all, I was telling people about my love for the ocean.

MP undervisningYou been working as a diving instructor in Asia for many years, but then returned to Denmark to open up a dive shop. Tell us about it please.

Yes correct I spend 4 years I Asia, working, teaching and truly getting into the dive industry. Most of the 4 years I spend on a little island in Thailand called Koh Tao. Those years helped me when I opened the dive shop I have today. After 4 years I had the insight and tools for opening a small dive shop I Kolding. After barely 2 years, I had to move to a bigger shop. During a period of five years I went from being a small PADI Divecenter to one of Denmark’s leading PADI 5-Star IDC center’s.

What is your favorite dive in Denmark?

Jonas, this is a trick question, I’m not gonna tell you my secret spot, that’s a well kept secret only few know of, but I can tell you of a dive I really love. There is a small island located in the middle of Lillebælt and this place is absolutely beautiful in all its features and gives you a pretty good idea if what a unique place Lillebælt is.

DSCN7767You just moved the location of your dive shop. What’s the benefit of the new one?

Yep correct we just moved into the new shop, which gave us a more professional look and taking diving with our clients to a whole new level. I wanted to offer something different. So after many chats with my staff, countless questionnaires from student, the course was set – we had to create a new platform for inspiration, education and guidance, all under one roof. So we created that in our new center and hopefully this will bear fruit in time.

Any favorite dives you still dream off?

Well where there is water, there are adventures to be explored. I think my personal list is as long as any other diver in the world. Let’s call it a bucket list, taking one dive at the time.

MP FormidlerWhat’s your future goal in the diving industry?

2016 is gonna be a very exiting year for both my company and me personal. Hopefully, I see in the future, me becoming a CD, so please cross a finger or two for me and to make our new dive center a great success.

Any tips for our readers who is dreaming of becoming a diving instructor and opening their own diving center?

Do it, if you have a dream and driven by passion, then do it. Be aware of all hard work, but I’m sure that as long as you remember where it all started and share your passion with others you will succeed.

 Thanks for the time. You are a great role model for all divers. 

Dykevenemang i Norden under de senaste veckorna

Dykevenemang runt om i landet
Det har varit ett par händelserika veckor i Sverige och resten av Norden de senaste veckorna. Många arrangemang har tagit plats runt om i landet och många fler planerade. PADI var medarrangör av flera av dessa event och här delar vi med oss av några av dessa.

11377241_707391276037360_1879203356772662402_nProject Aware dag i Nynäshamn
Den 30 Maj så samlades många dykare och support staff i Nynäshamn och deltog i ett städningsdyk in Nynäshamn. Många företag som NOC Dyk och Marin, ECO Dive, BigBag, Nynäshamns Kommun och andra deltog och sponsrade dagen. Dagen var späckad med dykning, tävlingar och god mat. Inspirerande och kul dag. Tack till alla Project Aware dykare som deltog.

GoPro Presentation

Många var samlade på Dive Team Lysekil under första helgen i Juni för att lyssna på hur man ska gå tillväga om man är intresserad av att arbeta inom dykning runt om i världen. Tack till Dive Team för organisationen och alla som deltog.

11403213_10152879209415848_9100167832359351274_nTeknisk dykning och expeditioner
PADI TecRec organiserade en presentation angående TecRec och hur man går till väga for att organisera och sponsra en expedition. 50 personer kom till Havets Hus i Lysekil för att lyssna och ställa frågor.

IMG_0792Köpings festen deltog i en kul dag i Köping med musik och tävlingar den 30 Maj. Dykningen fick mycket uppmärksamhet och många visade  intresse av att lära sig dyka.


11401494_10153380755249882_7101786579075548303_nGoPro Event Lund
Många intresserade kom för lyssna och ställa frågor hur man kan göra sin passion till ett jobb.Trevlig kväll på H20 Lund.


11407032_854467474634955_5168362413417466390_nPriset gick till… 
Grattis till Martin på Ocean Adventures i Danmark som fick pris för allt han har gjort inom dykindustrin i Danmark de senaste året.

padi-women-scuba-divers-wetsuitsWomen’s dive day, 18 Juli
Missa inte att arrangera en dykdag under Women’s dive day den 18 July 2015. Dyk säkert och Dyk väl. Vi hörs snart.

Jonas Samuelsson
PADI Regional Manager
Sverige och Danmark

TecRec Expedition South Africa

This is a start of a series of articles about a TecRec Expedition in South Africa where a team of TecRec Divers are looking for a submarine and a pre-historic fish. The article series starts with a blog by Jonas Samuelsson, PADI Regional Manager and TecRec Instructor Trainer, about what technical diving means for him. Then Patrick Voorma, TecRec Instructor Trainer, describes the objectives of the South Africa Expedition during May month. We hope by our series of articles we can inspire others to explore the wonders of this world.

What does technical diving mean for you?

During a flight from United States to Europe last year I started to talk to the passenger sitting next to me. I explained that I just been diving some caves in Mexico. Hearing this he asked me what technical diving was and why I thought it was so interesting. I gave a pretty conventional answer, but later during the same flight I was thinking about the question further.

What does technical diving really mean for me and why does it fascinate me so much?

The definition of technical diving is pretty straight forward. It is defined simply as a diver who enter an overhead environment like a caves or a wreck. It is when you are diving with mixed gases and can not go straight up to the surface due to decompression obligations. That’s the basic idea of it at least. But is that really the definition of technical diving? Perhaps so in technical terms. For me however its stands for so much more. Technical diving for me is more about the possibilities the equipment and training offer. To be able to explore a world beyond most.

earth-and-the-moonFor me there always been a pararell between space and underwater explorations. Lot of the technical challenges space explorers face is also faced by a technical diver. We are both entering in an environment different than the one that we evolved into living in. Only 12 people have ever walked on the moon but even less have ever dived deeper than 300 meters. To enter these worlds takes years of planning and would not be possible without an abundance of complex life supporting equipment. Is it a part of being human to explore and try to push the established boundaries.

But is there any value of “just walking on the moon” or “just diving deep” you might ask yourself. For me it is because the process of doing so, we discover as much about our self as we are developing techniques useful not only in our own field, but in other fields as well. Perhaps a greater understanding how gases effects the human body in extreme environments and the development of rebreather technology used by divers might one day assist the first human’s habitat other planets. But space and underwater explorers have so much more in common than purely the technical. Both groups of explorers share an idea, a philosophy. Inherent for all exploration of all types is the opportunities that it opens up to the people doing the exploring. For some it is the opportunity to gain new knowledge. For others it is the opportunity to create wealth and expand commerce. For still others the opportunity lies in grow spiritually and to gain a greater appreciation of the secrets among us. I

It could be said that by not continuing to explore we face the risk of killing the spirit of adventure and by doing so something fundamental within us would also die. Exploration is what inspire us to greater things and to move mankind forward. It gives us hope and meaning. The environmental movement started with pictures taken of our blue planet from space by the first space explorers. First then did we realize how fragile our planet is and why it is so important to act now to prevent us from destroying all the beauty that took millions if not billions of years to evolve. My hope is that our pictures and videos from the depth of the oceans and lakes would inspire people in the same way as those pictures taken from space.

jonasMarcel Proust said “the true voyage of discovery is not so much about finding new landscape as to get a new pair of eyes”. The ocean takes up more than 75% of our planet. The ocean got an average depth of 2000 miles and is home of a larger biodiversity and bio density than the rain forest. The ocean has more earthquakes and volcanoes than on land. You find the longest mountain range in the ocean. Most animals live here, and it is mostly unexplored. For example during our expedition in Iceland in June 2011 we dived and filmed geothermal chimneys. Those chimneys was discovered first in 1989 and many believe that it was in chimneys like those in Iceland where life began. Life around those chimneys survives through chemo syntesis rather than photosynthesis which means that all the life supporting energy is coming from the inside of the earth rather than the sun.

Our hope is that our images from places like the chimneys on Iceland would give people those new eyes that Marcel Proust referred to.  And with those new eyes have a better understanding how unique and fragile the underwater landscape is. By seeing all the wonders and beauty that lies beneath perhaps we also would also realize that benefit of protecting it. I remember as a little boy sitting by the lake close to the house where I grew up. I looked down, and I was wondering, what was down there. I wanted to explore it. Today, as a technical diving instructor, I am able to explore wrecks, caves, reefs together with some amazing people while traveling around the world and for me that is one of the things that makes life worth living.

Exploration gives us hope that the future can be better, for us and for future generations. Technical diving gives you the tools to do just that….


3Durban’s Ghost Fleet In 1685 the sailing ship The Good Hope ran aground off the Bluff, South Africa and became the first recorded wreck of the Durban bay. There are 141 recorded wrecks off Durban and many more unrecorded. In the past two years we have been exploring the coastline around Durban in search of some of these wrecks. The first wreck we found was the Namaqua or uMZimvubu as she was best known as. She sunk in 1932. She is at 60 meters approx. 6km NEE of the Durban Harbour.

The next wreck was the Sir Gordon, the dredger attributed to building the Durban Harbour. She lies in 65m Our most exciting find was that of the HMS Otus, a British Odin class submarine, scuttled in 1946. She is at 105 meters. On the 24 January 2014, 30 years after she sank we found the MV Cape Columbine, a fishing trawler that sprung a leak and sank in 65m. The next exciting discovery was the US Nahma, one of the most expensive private ships built in 1898. She sunk in 1933 and lies in 75m. The last wreck we discovered is at 75m but I am yet to identify her. We have called it Durban’s Ghost Fleet. During my searching for these wrecks I have come across a couple of stories about two possible submarines that were sunk off Durban amidst much secrecy.

shot 001Amongst others, I have spoken to a navy and later commercial diver, who says that he had personal knowledge of these two submarines. He provided me with the approximate depths and positions that he could remember using Durban landmarks. They had no GPS at that time. For the past two years I have been searching this area and am now confident that I have found the position of one of these submarines. She lies at 80 meters.

2I have been fortunate enough to have dived with the late Peter Timm on numerous occasions. Peter discovered the prehistoric fish, the Coelacanth, thought to have been extinct for more than 30 million years in Sodwana’s Jesser Canyon. He has identified more than 19 individual fish before his untimely passing. Peter was confident that if we were to find a similar canyon off Durban on the 100m Isobaths we would find Coelacanths.

After many hours of searching out at sea using sonar, I have managed to find such a canyon off Durban. So this now all sets the scene for our planned Submarine and Coelacanth expedition in May 2015.

  • 14 May:               Assemble gear, briefings, final coordination of plans and teams
  • 15 May:               Check out and shake down dive Max depth 30m.
  • 16 May:               60m Dive, procedures, support divers and emergency plans
  • 17 May:               Discover a Submarine 80m
  • 18 May:               Revisit the Submarine 80m
  • 19 May:               HMS Otus Submarine 105m
  • 20 May:               Canyon Dive searching for Coelacanths 120m
  • 21 May:               Canyon Dive searching for Coelacanths 120m
  • 22 May:               Canyon Dive searching for Coelacanths 120m
  • 23 May:               Canyon Dive searching for Coelacanths 120m

Roger Horrocks will be the cameraman to film this expedition. He has been involved with many underwater documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery, BBC and Disney Channel. He will be filming using the Red Dragon Camera and Gates housing. The team members involved in this expedition will be the following:

  • Jonas Samuelsson: PADI Course Director, Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • Patrick Voorma: PADI Course Director, Tec Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • Allan Maclean: PADI Dive Master, Tec Trimix Diver
  • Karl Kruger: PADI Master Instructor, Tec Trimix Diver
  • Erik Brown: Tec Trimix Instructor
  • Roger Horrocks, Cameraman, Tec Trimix Diver

Expedition South Africa. Objective: Locate, identify and film a Coelacanth.

coelacanth_501_600x450The primitive-looking coelacanth was thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Coelacanths are elusive, deep-sea creatures, living in depths up to 700 meters. They can be huge 2 meters or more and weighing 90 kilograms. Scientists estimate they can live up to 60 years or more. Their population numbers are, predictably, not well known, but studies in the Comoros suggest only about 1,000 remain there. They are considered an endangered species.

Dykningens dag 30 Maj 2015 I Nynäshamn

Som ett led i den ökade miljöpåverkan som sker så genomför ECODIVE AB och NOC DYK & MARIN i samarbete med Project Aware och PADI en miljödag för att visa hur nedskräpningen påverkar våra hamnar och Kustområden samt hur man med enkla medel kan skydda miljön i våra Hamn och Kustområden

thQ2GBIT5SProjektet genomförs på ideel basis med sponsring av tävlings priser ifrån några aktörer inom sportdykarbranschen. I samband med projektet kommer några tävlingsmoment att finnas med fina priser för deltagarna. Självklart finns det även plats för icke dykare att hjälpa till med omhändertagandet av skräp på kajen.


Ladda mobiltelefonen och delta i selfie tävlingen. DVS ta ett unikt roligt annorlunda kort och ha chansen att vinna ett fint pris i slutet av dagen. Tävlings jury och enväldig domare är PADI och Aware personalen på plats… Korten laddas upp på en FB sida där bedömning och Lottning sedan sker av Project Awares och PADI´s Personal som enväldiga domare. Under dagen organiserar Komunen Kaffe och macka till deltagarna.

Alla är inbjudna att medverka. Anmälan sker till:,, [email protected]

Välkomna tilll Dykningens dag den 30 Maj i Nynäshamn.





Ställer ni ut på en mässa så kan ni ansöka om vårat ‘PADI Event Support Pack’. För mer information läs nedan och för ansökan e-maila [email protected]

Med vänlig hälsning

Jonas Samuelsson
PADI Regional Manager


Participation at shows and events is an important element in today’s business marketing mix, whether at trade or consumer shows. PADI acknowledges this and PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa has created the PADI Event Support Pack to assist PADI Dive Centres and Resorts exhibiting at shows and events during 2015.

The PADI Event Support Pack provides renewed PADI Retail & Resort Association Members with £/€150 Credit** toward PADI Product/Merchandise to support marketing efforts at your chosen show or event. You will also receive PADI bunting for display and a selection of PADI wristbands as additional marketing and branding support.

To receive a PADI Event Support Pack (2015) please complete and submit the PADI Event Support Pack 2015 Application at least six weeks prior to the first day of your show or event, along with written evidence of your attendance at show or event.




Dykmässan 14-15 Mars. Mässa, PADI Member Forum, TecRec


PADI skulle vilja inbjuda alla dyk intresserade till en trevlig helg på Dykmässan den 14-15 Mars i Nackastrands mässans lokaler utanför Stockholm. PADI kommer att ställa ut under mässan och Jonas Samuelsson, PADI Regional Manager, samt Fredrik Waldegren, PADI Sales Manager, kommer att representera PADI.

Den 14 Mars mellan 13.00-14.30 kommer vi att hålla en presentation om Teknisk dykning och expeditioner. Samma dag mellan 14.30-16.00 kommer vi också ha ett PADI Member Forum med de senaste inom standards och nya produkter.

Den 14 Mars på kvällen så träffas vi i dykpuben som ligger vid mässan där PADI medlemmar kan byta ideer och ha lite kul.

För mer information om Dykmässan

Vi syns den 14-15 Mars,

Jonas Samuelsson och Fredrik Waldegren

[email protected]
[email protected]

Diversnight and cake

Diversnight on the 6th of November 2014

Atlantis Dive CollegeDiversnight is an international night dive, and is all about diving and the social aspect of diving. Groups of divers register their site on and arrange a night dive that includes cake. Cake is one of the key ingredients in Diversnight, as this is what Diversnight once was founded on. Diversnight takes place the first Thursday of November every year. Now, it used to be the first Thursday of December, but in 2010 the Nordic countries experienced a really rough winter and no open water could be found to dive in so the organizers decided to move it one month earlier. The actual dive takes place at the time that matches the year, every year. For 2012, the dive took place at 20:12 (8:12PM) local time. For 2013, it took place at 20:13 (8:13PM) local time, and for 2014 the dive will take place at 20:14 (8:14PM). Get the idea?

How can we partake?

In order to partake in this fantastic, international event, either contact your PADI dive center and ask them to arrange an event or gather your diving friends and register your site! Check the registered sites on to see if your local PADI Dive center has already registered a dive site. Only one person (the organizer of the local event) per dive site needs to register. Each dive shop, or group, will have to keep their own roster of participants.

Some history about the previous Diversnight

2005: 351 divers in Norway.
2006: 889 divers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
2007: 1859 divers in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Svalbard.
2008: 2183 divers in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Egypt, Indonesia, France, Spain, Faroe Islands and Belgium.
2009: 2749 divers, 218 dive sites and 20 countries
2010: 1700 divers, 175 dive sites and 22 countries
2011: 2577 divers, 196 dive sites and 24 countries
2012: 2322 divers, 231 dive sites and 25 countries
2013: 2113 divers, 167 dive sites and 20 countries
2014: ???

Enjoy the night dive and remember if you never done a night dive before contact your local PADI dive center and they can organize everything you need to complete to participate in this amazing international diving event.

PADI Member Forum i Malmö

PADI Member Forum

PADI EMEA önskar alla PADI Medlemmar välkomna till ett PADI Member Forum i Malmö den 15 Januari, klockan 19.00. Jag kommer att presentera den nya Open Water Kursen, Reactivate, Discover Scuba Diving samt trender på marknaden.

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Malmo
    Ostergatan 10, SE-211 25 Malmo
    T: +46 40 6984000

Jag ser fram emot att se er den 15 Januari. Kontakta gärna mig om ni har några frågor eller om det är något jag kan hjälpa till med.

Med vänlig hälsning

Jonas Samuelsson
PADI Regional Manager
[email protected]


Eilat Red Sea Photo Competition

This is the 10th year in a row that the Eilat Red Sea competition took place in Eilat. Integrating elements from photography, high-tech, touristic and diving industries, the Eilat Red Sea event is branded as a worldwide leading underwater photography competition.

Photo by Boaz Samurai, winner of the Jury Award

Photo by Boaz Samorai, winner of the Jury Award

The Eilat Red Sea photo competition is distinguished by exceptional valuable prizes awarded to the winners, including huge cash prizes, diving vacations in dreamy destinations, underwater photo equipment, scuba gear and more.

During the 2014 event, Eilat Red Sea in partnership with PADI EMEA introduced the National Team underwater photo Olympics as an adventurous opportunity for all underwater photographers.

Underwater photographers originating from the same country were invited to team-up during the Eilat Red Sea competition and to participate in the National Team category. Participants were required to put together an impressive portfolio of 6 images taken during the shoot-out.

The judging phase was on stage during the winning ceremony and took place on September 13 in Eilat and was live broadcasted on the internet. PADI EMEA would like to congratulate Spain, the winner of the prestigious National Team category. First prize for the National Team Category was a cash prize of $3000 sponsored by PADI EMEA.


PADI EMEA also would like to congratulate PADI Course Director Boaz Samorai for winning the 1st price in the Jury Category. Great job Boaz.

The Eilat Red Sea event has so far received media coverage by many international media channels, such as CNN, Fashion TV and Reuters, as well as countless photo and diving magazines.

The man behind the scenes and the spirit of the Eilat Red Sea event is David Pilosof, an experienced underwater photographer, who was also the first photographer in the world to introduce the concept of underwater nudity and fashion images, which can be found on one of the most successful photography books ever published, Samantha.

Photo by Boaz Samurai, winner of the Jury Award

Photo by Boaz Samurai, winner of the Jury Award

The event also included a live broadcast featuring one of the most magnificent dives ever carried out. The Guinness Record dive included over 200 divers, 26 diving instructors, 32 production members and 12 professional photographers, who dove together on the the Satil wreck in Eilat, Israel. Using a sophisticated technological setup, the dive was live broadcasted online in HD, enabling millions of viewers, online surfers and smart phone owners from all over the world to take part in this extraordinary event.

PADI EMEA would like to congratulate the organizers, the jury and all the amazing photographers that participated in making this the most amazing photography event in the world. We also would like to thank everyone that participated in the Guinness Record dive on the wreck Satil. What an event!!!

See you next year,

Testimonial from PADI Course Director and Photographer Boaz Samorai:

“During the last week I have participated in the underwater photo shoot out contest held at Eilat Israel at the water of the Red Sea. A shootout competition means that all of the photographers have specific dates to go and take pictures in a specific environment. It’s pretty tense…. Not only you have to plan your dives safely including taking care of your underwater photography equipment, you have to get some pretty amazing and creative images in order to be noticed by the jury panel so you can win some of the great prizes. The prizes are crazy and awesome ranging from 10’000 USD$! To various exotic diving vacations in the best diving resorts around the world, and some awesome diving and photography equipment. In total I performed 12 dives in the 3 days of the competition spending a total of over 1500 minutes underwater in just 3 days… In those dives I have managed to produce some of the best images I got to take until today, and to push myself to better results and to more and more creative ideas. I managed to gather a pretty nice collection of 5 pictures to the main category of the event – the best portfolio and the jury panel have chose them to the final 5 best portfolio’s and awarded me the Jury prize of 5,000 USD$ worth of underwater photography equipment from the Housing manufacturer – Subal underwater systems. By the way that comes out about 200 USD$ per each hour I have spent underwater during the competition…. Wish I knew that while I was freezing under the water at the end of each dive…. Brrrrrrr…. My pictures have included 3 aspects: showing the underwater beautiful marine life – I took a picture of a parrot fish’s mouth, The connection between man and the underwater environment – I took a split picture showing a woman stroking a Dolphin, and a game between the world above and the world that lies below the surface with a picture of a double exposure showing the moon shining behind the branches of a soft coral.One of the benefits of this events is that is helps with exposing the whole world to the underwater environment and helping to raise the AWARE for protecting the marine life and appreciating what lies beneath the surface. I was especially happy to see that 2 of my students for underwater digital photography course have reached the final stages of the amateur categories! I hope to meet more underwater enthusiasts in the next photo contest which will be held here at the magnificent water of the Red sea and to go and dive together and take some awesome pictures of the beautiful marine life”.

Best regards,
Boaz Samorai, PADI CD#942946

PADI Tour in Denmark and Sweden during August

Amazing 10 days of PADI Events in Denmark and Sweden

During the last 10 days in August PADI Regional Manager Jonas Samuelsson and PADI Manager Nordic Relations & Business Development Trond Skaare travelled extensively around Denmark and the west coast of Sweden to conduct PADI Events.


The events was based on different topics like update nights for PADI Members, GoPro nights for anyone interested in a career in diving and GoTec events for anyone interested to take her/his diving beyond the scope of recreational diving.

The main reason why we decided to travel out to the members is to give all a chance to participate in the important updates we are rolling out at the moment related to the updated Open Water Course in Danish and Swedish, Discover Scuba Diving, ReActivate that replaces Scuba Review and other dive industry news.

We are going to continue with these presentations on the east coast of Sweden during the last two weeks of October for anyone who still did not got a chance to get updated.

It’s been a great 10 days and we had so much support with logistics from our members out on the field. I would like to thank the following centers for making the events works so well.

MasterDive, Helsingor, Denmark
Diving2000, Odense, Denmark
OceanAdventures, Kolding, Denmark
Halmstad Dykarskola, Sweden
Oxygene Göteborg, Sweden

I also would like to thank Martin and his team at OceanAdventures for being so kind to pour ice water over me during a ice bucket challenge after one of the events in Denmark. The video can be watched on Icebucket Challenge for Project Aware

Look out for the next PADI Tour during mid to end of October. We are visiting divecenter at the east and central parts of Sweden to conduct Member Updates and more.

Dive Safe and see you all soon again,

Kind regards

Jonas Samuelsson
PADI Regional Manager
Denmark & Sweden
[email protected]