Awards for Kuopion Seikkailukeskus OY S-31012

Award EFR 2015 - kuopion seikkailukeskusRecently owners Jani & Kalevi from Kuopion Seikkailukeskus OY S-31012 from Kuopio in Finland have recieved an two Awards!! One for 15 years of membership of The PADI Retail & Resort Association. 15 years is a long time of commitment and we would like to thank the whole team for their hard work and trust in our organisiation and we are looking forward to keep on working together!

The second award is for excellence in the field of promoting and teaching EFR courses in the Finnish market. They have grown really fast to the top of the EFR certifiers in the world!!

We would like to applaud the whole team of Kuopion Seikkailukeskus OY S-31012 for their dedication in growing EFR so fast. Currently they are the number one in the world!!

You can find more information about Kuopion Seikkailukeskus OY S-31012 here!

Free marketing tools to help boost sales of courses and materials

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Untitled-1The toolbox is currently available in English with additional languages available later this month. The tools promote courses all the way from DSD and beginner courses all the way up to professional certifications such as Open Water Scuba Instructor.

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Click here to download the toolbox in ZIP format. You can also access it from within the PADI Pros’ Site by visiting Toolbox > Marketing > Marketing Campaign > and in the section ‘Campaign Tools PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa:’.

To get tips on making the most out of these free marketing materials, contact your PADI Regional Manager or sign up to one of the PADI business Academy programs.

Merihundi Sukeldumisklubi S-24566 is taking the next step

Merihundi Sukeldumisklubi logoVerner Fogel has become with his diveschool  Merihundi Sukeldumisklubi S-24566 from Tallinn an official PADI Recreational Facility! For him and his staff this is the next logical step. We are very exited and happy that Estonia has opened another PADI Recreational Facility!

We would like to congratulate Verner and his Staff  with their new PADI Status and wish them the very best of success with all future PADI courses!

Here you can visit the website of Merihundi Sukeldumisklubi S-24566

PADI Project AWARE Specialist & Finland’s Baltic Sea event

PADI Project AWARE Specialist & Finland's Baltic Sea–event

Thursday 13.11.2014  6-9 p.m. @ Helsinki Dive Centre, Lauttasaarentie 15, Helsinki, Finland

During the free-of-charge environmental AWARE evening you will get interesting local insights into the current state of Finnish coastal and inland waters, what is being done to protect them and what opportunities the divers in Finland have to have a positive effect on our aquatic environment. Mr. Jouni Leinikki, founder of Alleco Ltd, the leading aquatic environment research and analysis company, will discuss the topics with the audience.

In addition, you can enjoy the photo presentations of Finland’s leading diver photographer Mr. Pekka Tuuri. He’s theme will be “Biodiving is fun!” and he will show and tell about his breathtaking photos how hehas seen our coastal waters. He will give lots of practical tips to successful bio diving: what, where and when to look for, how bio diver dives and how to protect the environment while diving.

Meet also Ms. Heli Halava from the Finnish Divers’ Federation and Ms. Nina Viitanen, and sign up for the Project AWARE Helsinki 2015 event already!

Everybody interested in aquatic environmental issues are most welcome!  Also you can complete the optional PADI Project AWARE Specialist –course, for 50e, and get the added local insights on top the already top course!

Inquiries: Organizer Tomi Välimaa (IDCS #332072): [email protected]


PADI Project AWARE Specialist –course:

PADI Project AWARE Specialist & “Finland’s Baltic Sea”–event of Facebook:

Pekka Tuuri’s amazing photos:


Alleco Ltd:


Finnish Divers’ Federation:

EFR Instructor training rules!

Kuopion Seikkailukeskus OY S-31012 - Eurosafety 2014At Kuopion Seikkailukeskus OY S-31012. Currently they are at the EuroSafety trade show in Tampere Finland to give lots of information on the Emercency First Response Courses. Jani Sormunen and Kaveli Puomilahti have been working really hard to bring EFR to the next level in Finland and it is clear that their efforts are paying off!

When you are interested to become a Emercency First Aid Responder of even an EFR Instructor you can reach them here! 

Dive against Debris Helsinki a great success!

DAD Helsinki 2014 We would like to thank everybody who took the time and effort to make our planet a little bit cleaner. A special thank you Tikke Tuura, who made such a staggering art work of all the trash, to our great specialists Minna Sarantola-Weiss and Jaana Tyynismaa for their excellent comments,  to the super band Dimjami for great music, to all, who made this possible, companies, organizations, associations, divers, friends and all helsinkians, who came to see and helped with this project and last but not least to Päivi Nieminen for putting it up on the blog so the world knows about it!!

DAD Helsinki 2014 - 2


Come and meet us in Helsinki Finland!

PADI Member Forum 2014Come and meet PADI Regional Manager René Bos and  PADI Manager Nordic Relations & Business Development Trond Skaare in person to talk about your current business or any other questions you might have regarding PADI. They also will conduct a PADI Member Forum to bring you up to date regarding the latest changes and news. Pls book a free seat here in order to provide us the needed information on how many members we can expect. Thank you upfront for your coorperation in this and looking forward to meet you soon!


Your PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team