Blue Abyss aims to build world’s largest, and deepest, research, training and development pool

Blue Abyss is an exciting project with the aim of building the world’s largest, and deepest, research, training and development pool. For use by divers, marine researchers and aerospace communities.


Abut Blue Abyss:

Their plan is to create a state-of-the-art space; with hyperbaric chambers, a wide range of commercial diving and even micro-gravity facilities. The pool alone will be 50 m long, 40 m wide and have a maximum depth of 50 m. The provision of a large ‘table-like’ area within the main pool allows for a variety of uses, with tie-down points enabling the inclusion of mock wrecks, a simulated cave system, etc. Simulated darkness can be achieved during the daytime or daylight created during the hours of darkness. The pool is even big enough to allow the use of a full-size rigid inflatable boat (RIB) with an electric outboard to provide additional training opportunities.

There will be at least two hyperbaric chambers on site to provide onsite safety and to be used for research purposes. The overall complex will also feature six well-equipped training rooms. High definition video is available, with feeds from the pool allowing all training and exercises to be recorded for subsequent evaluation by trainees and staff. A 120-bed hotel, 150-seat amphitheatre-style lecture theatre and free on-site parking or free pick-up from local railway stations completes the planned development.

How you can get involved:

Blue Abyss are now seeking support to keep the project moving forward, and have set up a crowd funding page where you can pledge a contribution from anywhere between £5 and £20,000 to support the project in return for a variety of rewards.

To pledge your support and find out more about the project, visit:
Blue Abyss @ Crowd Funder