PADI Women’s Dive Day 2015

PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) would like to say Thank You to all PADI Dive Centres and Resorts and PADI Professionals who participated in the first ever annual PADI Women’s Dive Day.

Our  EMEA region hosted over 100 events across 23 countries and 3 continents. Globally, the event involved over 330 events, 64 countries, 7 continents and 4 oceans.

This was a great day for everyone to support and acknowledge women in diving at all levels. We want to acknowledge all those that put in the time and effort to host an event. We hope you all had a great time on the day!

Here is a selection of photos from Women’s Dive Day events that took place around the EMEA region. Feel free to share your favourite pictures or videos, and search #PADIWomensDiveDay to take a look at all the great events from around the world.

Buceo Cabo La Nao:


Punto Diving & Friends:




Andark Diving:


Aquatours Almeria Aventuras Submarina:


Globe Marine:

Women’s Dive Day – Interviews with Leading Women in Diving (Alessandra Sicilia)

padi-womens-scuba-dive-day-2015-1024x316PADI is proud to present the inaugural PADI Women’s Dive Day on 18 July 2015, a special day to get women together, in the water and involved in diving. With numerous events being hosted around the world, the goal is to get as many women as possible, at every level, diving on the same day in order to build awareness and interest for the sport.

PADI Regional Manager Jonas Samuelsson decided to interview five leading women in the dive industry during the month leading up to the Women’s Dive Day.First up is Alessandra Sicilia, Manager TGI Diving, with three PADI Divecenters in Egypt and a total of 12 around the world.

Let’s start…

io e lolloThank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences in the diving industry. When and how did you get involved in diving?

I always felt attracted by the diving world, but because of an earlier surgery, I was told I would never be able to equalize. However in 2001 thanks to the passion of a PADI Instructor and a second opinion from a MD who was specialized in diving I was good to go. I had no problems to equalize and I was feeling more free than with my feet on the ground. I never stopped since that day. PAD Open Water Diver led to Advanced Open Water Diver and within 5 months I was a PADI DIvemaster. Diving became my life, part of my soul. That first confined dive was truly life changing for me.

Current position in diving?

I am the Area, Technical and Training Manager for TGI Diving Red Sea. My professional diving level is PADI Master Instructor.

Tips to someone who is thinking about a career in diving?

Well knowing how to dive is not enough to be successful. You need to have many other trades like a good understanding of logistics, accounting, customer care, updated and a great understanding of the importance of protecting our environment and its ecosystem.

Favourite part of working in diving?

io e la mia IDMFrom my point of view is to see colleagues and students grow under my management. To be able to be in charge of a company that touches the heart of so many people. To see previous Open Water Divers grow and become employed in the same shop as a diving instructor where they learned how to dive – its priceless.

Any dream dive you aspire to?

A lot actually! From the South-African Sardine Run, to the Malaysian Borneo, but my biggest dream is to bump into humpback whale passing by during a dive…

What would the next course in diving be?

For several years I have been dreaming about becoming a PADI Course Director, but due to work commitments and daily management I did not have a chance yet, but 2016 is my year! To be able to change someone’s life by teaching them to become a diving instructor and give the person a career in the most amazing industry on the planet is my next goal.

Attributes that makes you more successful in diving?

miaIn addition of being blonde, Italian and pretty cool you mean? I had to be very committed to my career to be successful. Keep yourself updated, take new courses and be pretty firm. Attitude is the most important part of an instructors attributes however. You need to remember how it was the first time you went SCUBA and to show empathy and patience during each course. Make sure that each course you teach is the best one you ever taught and build a rapport with your student during the training.

What is the next step in your career?

PADI CDTC, Course Director Training Course, during 2016 and to establish Pro courses in both our shop in Marsa Alam and in El Gouna. I am dreaming of making TGI into a PADI CDC Center. This is an ambitious goal but with the team I work with all around the Red Sea area I certain we will reach there in the near future.

Best moment in diving?

mia 2My best moments in diving is when I go diving with my husband Lollo. Lollo and I work together and we share the love for diving. Each chance we get we go for a dive together. How many people can say that when they go with their family on a holiday they do exactly the same thing during their holidays as when they work. I consider myself so lucky to choose this path. Choose to work with something you love and you never work another day in your life.

Thank you Alessandra for taking the time by answering a few questions. You are an inspiration for divers all around the world. I am looking forward to see you in August for the DSD Pool Party that we organized between PADI EMEA and TGI EL Gouna.

Thank you Jonas and see you in August.

Dykevenemang i Norden under de senaste veckorna

Dykevenemang runt om i landet
Det har varit ett par händelserika veckor i Sverige och resten av Norden de senaste veckorna. Många arrangemang har tagit plats runt om i landet och många fler planerade. PADI var medarrangör av flera av dessa event och här delar vi med oss av några av dessa.

11377241_707391276037360_1879203356772662402_nProject Aware dag i Nynäshamn
Den 30 Maj så samlades många dykare och support staff i Nynäshamn och deltog i ett städningsdyk in Nynäshamn. Många företag som NOC Dyk och Marin, ECO Dive, BigBag, Nynäshamns Kommun och andra deltog och sponsrade dagen. Dagen var späckad med dykning, tävlingar och god mat. Inspirerande och kul dag. Tack till alla Project Aware dykare som deltog.

GoPro Presentation

Många var samlade på Dive Team Lysekil under första helgen i Juni för att lyssna på hur man ska gå tillväga om man är intresserad av att arbeta inom dykning runt om i världen. Tack till Dive Team för organisationen och alla som deltog.

11403213_10152879209415848_9100167832359351274_nTeknisk dykning och expeditioner
PADI TecRec organiserade en presentation angående TecRec och hur man går till väga for att organisera och sponsra en expedition. 50 personer kom till Havets Hus i Lysekil för att lyssna och ställa frågor.

IMG_0792Köpings festen deltog i en kul dag i Köping med musik och tävlingar den 30 Maj. Dykningen fick mycket uppmärksamhet och många visade  intresse av att lära sig dyka.


11401494_10153380755249882_7101786579075548303_nGoPro Event Lund
Många intresserade kom för lyssna och ställa frågor hur man kan göra sin passion till ett jobb.Trevlig kväll på H20 Lund.


11407032_854467474634955_5168362413417466390_nPriset gick till… 
Grattis till Martin på Ocean Adventures i Danmark som fick pris för allt han har gjort inom dykindustrin i Danmark de senaste året.

padi-women-scuba-divers-wetsuitsWomen’s dive day, 18 Juli
Missa inte att arrangera en dykdag under Women’s dive day den 18 July 2015. Dyk säkert och Dyk väl. Vi hörs snart.

Jonas Samuelsson
PADI Regional Manager
Sverige och Danmark

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Dykningens dag 30 Maj 2015 I Nynäshamn

Som ett led i den ökade miljöpåverkan som sker så genomför ECODIVE AB och NOC DYK & MARIN i samarbete med Project Aware och PADI en miljödag för att visa hur nedskräpningen påverkar våra hamnar och Kustområden samt hur man med enkla medel kan skydda miljön i våra Hamn och Kustområden

thQ2GBIT5SProjektet genomförs på ideel basis med sponsring av tävlings priser ifrån några aktörer inom sportdykarbranschen. I samband med projektet kommer några tävlingsmoment att finnas med fina priser för deltagarna. Självklart finns det även plats för icke dykare att hjälpa till med omhändertagandet av skräp på kajen.


Ladda mobiltelefonen och delta i selfie tävlingen. DVS ta ett unikt roligt annorlunda kort och ha chansen att vinna ett fint pris i slutet av dagen. Tävlings jury och enväldig domare är PADI och Aware personalen på plats… Korten laddas upp på en FB sida där bedömning och Lottning sedan sker av Project Awares och PADI´s Personal som enväldiga domare. Under dagen organiserar Komunen Kaffe och macka till deltagarna.

Alla är inbjudna att medverka. Anmälan sker till:,, [email protected]

Välkomna tilll Dykningens dag den 30 Maj i Nynäshamn.



PADI EMEA 2015 Business Academy Schedule


PADI Business Academy (PBA) is the powerful, and hugely successful, business development tool only accessible to PADI members.  If you’re looking to increase your business exposure, sales and bottom line profit you can’t afford not to become one of the thousands of successful international PADI Business Academy graduates.

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Below is the 2015 PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Business Academy Schedule*.
If you would like to attend an Academy, please email [email protected]

Date Country City Language
15 – 16 March Netherlands Huizen Dutch/English
18 – 19 March Greece Athens English
12 – 13 April Sweden Malmö Swedish
10 – 11 May UK South English
27 – 28 May Jordan Aqaba English
7 – 8 June UAE Dubai English
20 – 21 July Mauritius
18 -19 August Saudi Arabia Jeddah Arabic
10- 11 September South Africa J’burg English
20 – 21 September Switzerland Winterthur German
17 – 18 October Cyprus Limassol English
25 – 26 October France Paris French
14 – 15 November Malta Qawra English
21 – 22 November Canary Islands Tenerife English/Spanish
29 – 30 November UK North English
13 – 14th December Germany Frankfurt German

*Please note that this Schedule is subject to change.  If you plan to attend a 2015 Business Academy, please check this schedule regularly.

Member Forum 2015 i Norge


Det er planlagt noen Member Forum i Norge denne våren. Det vil gå ut en epost fra kontoret til alle individuelle medlemmer, samt til Dive Center og Resorts. Denne mailen er for at dere skal få et lite varsel via vår blog.

Jeg håper dere kan distribuere den videre til andre Divemastere og instruktører.

I tillegg til lokal informasjon vil hovedpunktene på dette Member Forum være de nye digitale produktene, samt endringene i Open Water Diver kurset.

Du kan melde deg på ved å trykke på navnet på den byen der du ønsker å delta.


Tidspunktene er:

25. mars kl. 18.30 – 21.30
Anker Hotel Storgata 55
0182 Oslo

9. april, 18.30 – 21.30
BEST WESTERN Nova Hotell, Kurs og Konferanse
Cicignons Plass
7011 Trondheim

16. april, 18.30 – 21.30
First Hotel Marin
Rosenkrantzgaten 8
5003 Bergen



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Med vänlig hälsning

Jonas Samuelsson
PADI Regional Manager


Participation at shows and events is an important element in today’s business marketing mix, whether at trade or consumer shows. PADI acknowledges this and PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa has created the PADI Event Support Pack to assist PADI Dive Centres and Resorts exhibiting at shows and events during 2015.

The PADI Event Support Pack provides renewed PADI Retail & Resort Association Members with £/€150 Credit** toward PADI Product/Merchandise to support marketing efforts at your chosen show or event. You will also receive PADI bunting for display and a selection of PADI wristbands as additional marketing and branding support.

To receive a PADI Event Support Pack (2015) please complete and submit the PADI Event Support Pack 2015 Application at least six weeks prior to the first day of your show or event, along with written evidence of your attendance at show or event.




Dykmässan 14-15 Mars. Mässa, PADI Member Forum, TecRec


PADI skulle vilja inbjuda alla dyk intresserade till en trevlig helg på Dykmässan den 14-15 Mars i Nackastrands mässans lokaler utanför Stockholm. PADI kommer att ställa ut under mässan och Jonas Samuelsson, PADI Regional Manager, samt Fredrik Waldegren, PADI Sales Manager, kommer att representera PADI.

Den 14 Mars mellan 13.00-14.30 kommer vi att hålla en presentation om Teknisk dykning och expeditioner. Samma dag mellan 14.30-16.00 kommer vi också ha ett PADI Member Forum med de senaste inom standards och nya produkter.

Den 14 Mars på kvällen så träffas vi i dykpuben som ligger vid mässan där PADI medlemmar kan byta ideer och ha lite kul.

För mer information om Dykmässan

Vi syns den 14-15 Mars,

Jonas Samuelsson och Fredrik Waldegren

[email protected]
[email protected]

PADI Project AWARE Specialist & Finland’s Baltic Sea event

PADI Project AWARE Specialist & Finland's Baltic Sea–event

Thursday 13.11.2014  6-9 p.m. @ Helsinki Dive Centre, Lauttasaarentie 15, Helsinki, Finland

During the free-of-charge environmental AWARE evening you will get interesting local insights into the current state of Finnish coastal and inland waters, what is being done to protect them and what opportunities the divers in Finland have to have a positive effect on our aquatic environment. Mr. Jouni Leinikki, founder of Alleco Ltd, the leading aquatic environment research and analysis company, will discuss the topics with the audience.

In addition, you can enjoy the photo presentations of Finland’s leading diver photographer Mr. Pekka Tuuri. He’s theme will be “Biodiving is fun!” and he will show and tell about his breathtaking photos how hehas seen our coastal waters. He will give lots of practical tips to successful bio diving: what, where and when to look for, how bio diver dives and how to protect the environment while diving.

Meet also Ms. Heli Halava from the Finnish Divers’ Federation and Ms. Nina Viitanen, and sign up for the Project AWARE Helsinki 2015 event already!

Everybody interested in aquatic environmental issues are most welcome!  Also you can complete the optional PADI Project AWARE Specialist –course, for 50e, and get the added local insights on top the already top course!

Inquiries: Organizer Tomi Välimaa (IDCS #332072): [email protected]


PADI Project AWARE Specialist –course:

PADI Project AWARE Specialist & “Finland’s Baltic Sea”–event of Facebook:

Pekka Tuuri’s amazing photos:


Alleco Ltd:


Finnish Divers’ Federation: