PADI Online Business Service #3 – Image, Logo and Video Gallery

If you’re designing your latest marketing campaigns and need images, videos and PADI logos to use on posters, flyers, banners, website or other artwork then look no further – the PADI Pros’ Site has a free online library that you can browse and download from:

  • Images – covering entry level, continuing education, tec and professional
  • Videos – includes entry level, continuing education and advertising templates
  • Logos – Access to the logo files for PADI, EFR and Project AWARE

To access the library just visit the PADI Pros’ Site and click Toolbox > Image / Video. You’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions of using the materials by clicking “I agree” before being taken to the list of resources to choose from.


For any enquiries about the library please contact [email protected]

Win With PADI…

PADI is committed to the growth and prosperity of the scuba diving industry. Whether it’s through preserving the ocean we explore or creating innovative ways to teach the sport, PADI’s main focus is its members. PADI develops, maintains and supplies our industry with the most advanced dive training materials found worldwide.

Specifically, the PADI Retail and Resort Association provides its members with techniques and solutions to staying competitive and successful in today’s marketplace. As a member of the PADI Retail and Resort Association you benefit from more than just the prestige of the PADI brand. You also get a comprehensive suite of benefits guaranteed to drive more divers through your doors.

Find out more in the PADI Retailer and Resort Association Benefits Guide – click here to download.

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