PADI Project AWARE Specialist & Finland’s Baltic Sea event

PADI Project AWARE Specialist & Finland's Baltic Sea–event

Thursday 13.11.2014  6-9 p.m. @ Helsinki Dive Centre, Lauttasaarentie 15, Helsinki, Finland

During the free-of-charge environmental AWARE evening you will get interesting local insights into the current state of Finnish coastal and inland waters, what is being done to protect them and what opportunities the divers in Finland have to have a positive effect on our aquatic environment. Mr. Jouni Leinikki, founder of Alleco Ltd, the leading aquatic environment research and analysis company, will discuss the topics with the audience.

In addition, you can enjoy the photo presentations of Finland’s leading diver photographer Mr. Pekka Tuuri. He’s theme will be “Biodiving is fun!” and he will show and tell about his breathtaking photos how hehas seen our coastal waters. He will give lots of practical tips to successful bio diving: what, where and when to look for, how bio diver dives and how to protect the environment while diving.

Meet also Ms. Heli Halava from the Finnish Divers’ Federation and Ms. Nina Viitanen, and sign up for the Project AWARE Helsinki 2015 event already!

Everybody interested in aquatic environmental issues are most welcome!  Also you can complete the optional PADI Project AWARE Specialist –course, for 50e, and get the added local insights on top the already top course!

Inquiries: Organizer Tomi Välimaa (IDCS #332072): [email protected]


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