PADI ReActivate Toolbox Tip #2 – Email Footers

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A selection of PADI ReActivate marketing tools are available to download from the PADI Pros’ Site, enabling your business to re-capture the attention of the huge potential market of inactive divers as well as those who might want to just refresh their skills before a trip or continuing education course.

Toolbox Tip #2

Include a PADI ReActivate email footer in your regular business newsletters or emails you’re sending to divers about upcoming trips, events or courses. Emphasise – even with just a short sentence – that PADI ReActivate can be a massive confidence-booster before planning a dive trip or booking their next course. Even divers who have had recent diving experience may not necessarily have had a chance to practice essential core skills and will benefit from the PADI ReActivate program!

Remember, by using EVE, you can use your customer database to deliver relevant, targeted email campaigns automatically and with ease. For more tips, check out this video or contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Click to download either variation of these email footers to use in your communications:


ReActivate_EmailBanner2To access even more marketing tools, visit the PADI Pros’ Site and visit Toolbox > Marketing and choose “PADI ReActivate” from the list.

About PADI ReActivate:

A PADI® Worldwide survey of nearly 400,000 PADI divers showed that 97% of inactive divers intend to return to diving, however, reaching out to these divers has its challenges: they do not necessarily read dive industry publications or visit scuba websites. PADI is applying a number of marketing resources to reach out to this huge potential market in a proactive and significant way.

PADI ReActivate™ is a revolutionary program specifically designed to encourage and support inactive divers in returning to the water as well as allowing regular divers to practice and refresh their skills.

Combining prescriptive, online knowledge development and in-water training, PADI ReActivate presents a flexible, convenient and interactive way to brush up divers’ skills, meeting the needs of recreational divers and PADI Professionals alike. The program is available for iOS and Android tablets (Touch) and for PC/Macs (Online), and upon completion, divers receive a replacement certification card showing their ReActivate date.