Tack till alla medlemmar i Sverige och Danmark

Jag startade som PADI Regional Manager i mitten på April och den senaste månaden har varit en fantastik tid där jag har träffat över 25 dykcenter i bägge länderna.

Vi började med ett PADI Business Seminar i Stockholm med 11 deltagare från hela landet. Under två dagar sa diskuterade vi marknadsföring och de mest effektiva teknikerna att utbilda dykare. Sedan blev det en PADI Instructor Examination (IE) for över 20 nya glada PADI Instruktörer. Grattis till er alla.

Jag hade också chansen att resa runt i Sverige och träffa dykcenter i Malmö och Lund samt en tur till Köpenhamn och Odense. Den 5 Juni så flyger jag till Köpenhamn för att träffa medlemmar som jag inte hade tid att träffa under den första turen.

Sedan bär det av till Stockholm efter några dagar i Göteborg. På Piperska Muren i Stockholm den 10 Juni, klockan 1900, sa kommer jag att hålla ett  PADI Member Forum med fokusering pa den nya PADI Open Water Kursen och annat nytt material samt standards förändringar under den senaste tiden.

Jag är glad att kunna dela av mig med 25 års erfarenhet som dykcenter ägare, PADI Course Director och Technical Instructor Trainer. Jag tackar er all for min första månad och hoppas att se er alla under Juni månad.

Varma Hälsningar

Jonas Samuelsson, PADI Regional Manager, Sverige & Danmark

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PADI Facebook Hits One Million Likes!

PADI FB 1 Million!

•           the PADI Facebook page has met and now exceeds one million Likes;

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Millions of divers sharing a common passion assemble as a community at the PADI Facebook page. It’s a resource for information, inspiration and engagement that speaks to the innate social nature of being a diver. You want to connect with other divers, pursue the dive lifestyle, travel to exotic places, explore the aquatic realm and simply escape for a few moments through breathtaking imagery and videos. And, it connects divers with the lifeblood of the PADI family – PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals around the globe.

 If you’re not yet a member, join the PADI family – either through the PADI Retailer and Resort Association, as a PADI Professional or by joining the PADI Facebook page and other online PADI communities like ScubaEarth®, which has nearly 73,000 members and growing.

As PADI Divers, we live to scuba. Keep diving, exploring and sharing – it’s all part of the PADI way of life.

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The New Open Water Diver Course!

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Taking the Plunge – Open Water Diver Course Changes

key consideration while revising the PADI Open Water Diver course was evolution rather than revolution. The course has a long standing, proven track record and didn’t require major renovation. Most of the course components remain reassuringly familiar, but, there are a few new skills that deserve a closer review.

PADI Open Water Diver course revisions come from a strong base of research and experience. Because the course has been tested and works well, the changes are relatively few; but they are important and not that difficult to wrap into your existing course plan. To help confirm that they will apply globally, PADI Members in various parts of the world, teaching in diverse conditions, conducted trials of the revision for more than 100 Open Water Diver students. Once the beta trial members’ suggestions were incorporated into the revision, several additional trial courses were conducted as an extra confidence measure.

Why change?

  • To modernize the course and meet consumer expectations
  • In response to comments from you and your fellow PADI Instructors.
  • To further the PADI family’s shared commitment to diver safety: While diving in general (and PADI training in particular) enjoys an excellent safety record, philosophically the PADI organization constantly seeks to improve. Some changes were made based on an evaluation of diver incident reports in an effort to further reduce incident rates.

Diver Materials

Nw OWD manualLaunch of the English-version diver materials (PADI Open Water Diver Manual, PADI Open Water Diver Video and PADI Diver’s Log and Training Record as well as the new PADI Skill Practice and Dive Planning Slate and crew paks) will begin in the PADI Americas region late 2013, and will release in PADI Asia Pacific and Japan, and PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa regions in both English and other languages mid-2014. Diver materials will be available in the following languages at the time of launch:

Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish and Russian.


Materials supporting the existing course will be available during the transition time, giving PADI Members time to read and review the revised instructor materials while continuing to teach the existing course. Because the existing Open Water Diver course is valid and effective, there is no required implementation date for use of the revised course standards (an update to what was announced in the last Training Bulletin). You may continue to teach the existing course to use up your stock of existing materials; and, you may make the change as soon as materials are available in the PADI EMEA Region which is anticipated will be mid-2014.

For more details on the PADI Open Water Diver Course changes, refer to the 4th Qtr. Training Bulletin located at the PADI Pros site.

Your PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team