Dive into the Digital Age in 2016

The PADI Digital Product Suite is a collection of industry-leading products designed to modernise and enrich the learning experience of students and PADI Professionals. Make the switch to Digital Products in 2016 and you’ll see immediate benefits:

  • Give your students a fun, interactive way to learn
  • Purchase and receive products on-demand, straight away
  • Save on stocking and shipping costs with digital delivery
  • Help the environment by cutting back on paper

PADI Touch Products

PADI’s Touch Products in particular will catapult your diving business into the digital age, offering a rich and immersive experience to students that’s available straight from their mobile or tablet device anytime, anywhere. Using a highly intuitive navigation style, they’ll be able to interact and expand their diving knowledge through text, images, videos, quizzes and more.

PADI ReActivate Touch™ – students will be encouraged to jump back into diving or simply refresh their knowledge with a fully prescriptive approach and a ReActivated certification card included.

PADI Open Water Diver Touch™ – as the first step, new divers will be able to learn the PADI Open Water Diver course syllabus on a modern platform, as well as log their training dives electronically.

PADI Equipment Specialist Touch™ – students will see how equipment works and fits together by exploring 3D diagrams, helping to drive new equipment sales and the importance of servicing.

PADI Freediver Touch™ – new or existing divers can learn about the principles of freediving with this brand new product which accompanies the recently-launched PADI Freediver program.

PADI Touch products can be purchased from your PADI Sales Consultant or via the e-Shop, and are allocated to students via the Online Processing Center. Students can then download their copy onto their iOS or Android device via the free PADI Library App.



The PADI App, available in multiple languages, is another Digital Product designed to deliver valuable content to divers and PADI Pros on the go.

Divers can use this one-stop diving hub to search for their nearest dive shop, browse travel destinations, remind themselves of important items with checklists and even log their dives. They’ll also have access to any of their purchased eCards, whilst renewed PADI Professionals automatically get these for free for all of diver- and professional-level certifications.

PADI Digital Product Tools

To help you make the most of PADI’s Digital Product range, we’ve created some useful tools to allow you to find out more about each product and how to sell them, as well as marketing tools to help promote them to your students.

Renew before 31 Dec and get a FREE Digital Product

If you’re a PADI Professional and renew your PADI Membership for 2016 before 31st December 2015, you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE copy of the PADI Open Water Diver Touch or PADI Equipment Specialist Touch product. That’s a benefit worth up to £65 / 88€ / 96CHF straight away!

Simply complete your PADI Membership renewal for 2016 and you’ll receive an email which will contain further instructions on how to get your free Digital Product.

Plus: Visit the PADI Online Shop and get 5 for 4 on all digital products*. That’s a saving of 20%! Click here for terms and conditions and more details on these offers.

For more information, contact your local Sales Consultant at [email protected] or telephone +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours.

ReActivate Affiliation Link Now Available


PADI Dive Shops and Resorts can now add a link to their website that automatically affiliates ReActivate™ students with their store.

How to add the link:

Copy the link below, add your store number, and use it to create a link on your website or in your email newsletter.


For example, if your PADI store number was 123456, the final code would look like this:


Below is an example of what the page looks like on PADI.com. In the bottom left you can see the store information.


If you’re new to PADI ReActivate, find out more about how it benefits you and your customers. You can also watch a webinar to help you implement templates into EVE and MailChimp. Finally, search the PADI Pros Blog to get tips on marketing tools that are available to promote ReActivate, and how to use them to drive new business.

To purchase or learn more about PADI ReActivate, contact your PADI Sales Consultant at [email protected] or +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours, or visit the PADI e-Shop via the PADI Pro’s Site where you can access marketing tools and place orders 24/7, 365 days a year.

A PADI ReActivate Blog Article to help inspire inactive divers

If you’re looking to inspire inactive divers, and help them rediscover the underwater world through your dive operation, then PADI ReActivate is the perfect tool to help you achieve this goal.

We recently published an article on our consumer blog, PADI.com, specifically written to inform divers about PADI ReActivate and to encourage them to jump back into the water again with this modern digital tool.

reactivateblogClick here to view the blog article and feel free to share and repurpose it for your own blogs, social media sites and newsletters to help encourage inactive divers to join your next course or trip.

PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa welcomes you at InterDive 2015

interdive_headerPADI Europe, Middle East and Africa will be exhibiting at InterDive 2015 and looks forward to welcoming you onto the stand in Hall B5 of Messe Friedrichshafen from the 17th – 20th September.

Regional Managers Cornelia Gohdes, Stefan Kaesweber and Sascha Engeler will be on hand to meet with you to answer questions and to update you on PADI’s latest Digital products and programmes.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out the Open Water Diver Touch® or ReActivate™, come and visit us on stand 320 where we will walk you through them and explain how to integrate these digital products and programmes into your Dive Centre’s training programme. We’ll also show you how the power of the awesome PADI App can drive your Dive Centre business forward.

If you are exhibiting at InterDive, for every PADI course you sell during the show your new customer will receive a Free PADI gift from the PADI stand.

If you will be at the show on Friday 18th September, please join us for an informal Member Social on the PADI stand at 17:30.

Wishing you continued success in 2015

PADI Digital Product Suite – Marketing Tools Available in Multiple Languages

The PADI Digital Product Suite is the new way the world learns to dive – a revolutionary set of digital products designed to bring rich, immersive learning to the fingertips of PADI divers and PADI Pros.

To help your business grow through promoting and using the PADI Digital Product Suite – both to new and existing customers – we’ve compiled a collection of free marketing tools which you can download for free from the PADI Pros’ Site by visiting Toolbox > Marketing.


The marketing toolboxes are available in six languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Each contains a range of materials such as flyers, posters and brochures to email headers, Facebook covers and even radio scripts!*.

Currently, there are individual toolboxes available for each of the following Digital Products:

  • PADI Open Water Diver Touch
  • PADI ReActivate
  • PADI Equipment Specialist Touch
  • PADI eRDPML Touch
  • PADI App

To find out more about the PADI Digital Products, talk to your local PADI Sales Consultant by email ([email protected]) or by phone (+44 (0)117 3007234).

*Toolbox content may vary according to language selected

Webinar: Implementing the new PADI ReActivate template (Mail Chimp and EVE users)

Recently, we posted a Toolbox Tip about using the PADI ReActivate email headers into your existing email campaigns and newsletters.

If you’re looking to take the next step towards reaching out to inactive divers, then why not download the free PADI ReActivate email template which you can import into your EVE or MailChimp account: click here to download the free template.


To help you make the most out of the PADI ReActivate email template, check out the video below taken from a recent live webinar – this will give you a thorough introduction to the program and email template as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use within your own business.

Remember, by using EVE, you can use your customer database to deliver relevant, targeted email campaigns automatically and with ease. For more tips, check out this video or contact your PADI Regional Manager.

Have you shared our PADI ReActivate video with your customers yet?

The PADI ReActivate video is a short clip designed to promote the PADI ReActivate course to inactive divers – check it out below:

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you share this video on your own social media channels, in your newsletters and in direct emails to inactive customers to encourage them to get back into the water again!

The direct video link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KHe977_DW7A

For more information on the PADI ReActivate program and materials, talk to your PADI Sales Consultant or your local Regional Manager.

PADI ReActivate Toolbox Tip #4 – Radio Slots

iPad-ReActivate Cover

PADI ReActivate Toolbox Tip #4 – Radio Coverage

A selection of PADI ReActivate marketing tools are available to download from the PADI Pros’ Site, enabling your business to re-capture the attention of the huge potential market of inactive divers as well as those who might want to just refresh their skills before a trip or continuing education course.

Toolbox Tip #4

Not everyone has time to visit dive shops or read magazines – and the radio can be an excellent way to reach out to inactive divers whilst they are busy with life’s other priorities, such as driving to work, cooking or relaxing with the family or friends.

Contact your local radio station to find out about upcoming opportunities to talk about scuba diving and to encourage existing divers to get back into the water – either as a general call-to-action or to promote a specific ReActivate event you might be organising.

Some radio stations may offer you a free slot to talk about scuba diving as it could be related to other hot topics they want to discuss, such as family activities for summer, health benefits or coverage of local outdoor events. Other stations may offer radio slots as a paid method of advertising instead.

Either way, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to tell listeners about the benefits of the PADI ReActivate program in 30 seconds. So, we’ve compiled a few script ideas to help you communicate your message.

Click to download some suggested scripts to use in radio spots:

To access even more marketing tools, visit the PADI Pros’ Site and visit Toolbox > Marketing and choose “PADI ReActivate” from the list.

About PADI ReActivate:

A PADI® Worldwide survey of nearly 400,000 PADI divers showed that 97% of inactive divers intend to return to diving, however, reaching out to these divers has its challenges: they do not necessarily read dive industry publications or visit scuba websites. PADI is applying a number of marketing resources to reach out to this huge potential market in a proactive and significant way.

PADI ReActivate™ is a revolutionary program specifically designed to encourage and support inactive divers in returning to the water as well as allowing regular divers to practice and refresh their skills.

Combining prescriptive, online knowledge development and in-water training, PADI ReActivate presents a flexible, convenient and interactive way to brush up divers’ skills, meeting the needs of recreational divers and PADI Professionals alike. The program is available for iOS and Android tablets (Touch) and for PC/Macs (Online), and upon completion, divers receive a replacement certification card showing their ReActivate date.

Why divers stop diving – and how to get them back in the water


Take a moment and think about all of the customers you’ve turned into divers, and then how many have probably not dipped below the surface in a very long time.

The question to ask is why did they stop diving in the first place? They seemed keen, bought the equipment and enjoyed the time spent below the water – and for committed PADI Pros it can be tricky to imagine the idea of lapsing as a diver and leaving the underwater world behind. But, understanding the reasons why some customers choose other priorities will help you find ways in which to overcome these barriers and get them jumping back into the water with you.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that divers don’t stop diving because they fell out of love with the ocean. We know that because we carried out a survey on a group of lapsed PADI divers and asked them a number of questions which included why they stopped diving and whether they’d be likely to start again.

An incredible 97.6% of those who responded to the survey confirmed they would be returning to the sport at some point. Some of the reasons they gave for stopping in the first place were:

  • Having a new family – 59%
  • Local diving is too cold – 50%
  • Too expensive and time consuming – 34%
  • No buddies to dive with – 25%

So now that we’re equipped with some insights into why divers might hang up their mask and fins, we’ve created a series of different marketing materials designed to remind people of their love for scuba diving and help PADI Professionals inspire them to come back and refresh their skills with them before taking new courses, buying kit or booking a trip.

To access the PADI ReActivate marketing toolbox, visit the PADI Pros’ Site and visit Toolbox > Marketing and choose “PADI ReActivate” from the list. Plus, check out our top tips here for making the most of these marketing materials to help encourage non-active divers to come back through your doors!

Remember, nearly 98% of divers who responded wanted to get back into scuba diving again – and it could be with you!

PADI ReActivate™ FAQ Part 3: Course Materials

iPad-ReActivate CoverWhat languages will the materials be available in?

English is available now. Coming in 2015: Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German, Arabic, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Implementation will be required one year from time of language availability.

What can I use if the new ReActivate materials are not available in my language? You may continue to use the PADI Scuba Review materials if they are available in the appropriate language for the diver.

What format will the ReActivate program materials be available in?

The ReActivate materials are available in Touch (an interactive Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) tablet-based folio-iOS and Android compatible) or Online (eBook.) Both versions include appropriate videos and images necessary to provide the best user experience. The difference between the Touch and Online version is the Touch product can be viewed through compatible tablets and the online version can be viewed using the Mac and PC based Adobe DPS Viewer.

How does the member purchase a PADI ReActivate Touch/Online and acquire the unique code?

The dive center/resort or instructor must purchase the product from a PADI Sales Representative or through the online shopping cart. This transaction generates one unique code (and the integrated certification processing) for each PADI ReActivate Touch/Online purchased. You manage and distribute these codes to divers through the PADI Online Processing Center.

  1. Product is only sold as a kit and includes an online processing registration
  2. ScubaEarth account set up will be required for all users via SSO (Single Sign On)
  3. For tablet users, a separate folio will be created for the PADI ReActivate Touch that will reside in the PADI Library

How does the consumer purchase a PADI ReActivate Touch/Online and acquire the unique code?

The diver will log on to the ReActivate webpage located on padi.com. The diver enters in their information, affiliates with a dive center/resort and chooses a certification card to “ReActivate” and the transaction generates a unique code for that diver. The diver will then receive an email with the link to download the product to a device.

Which devices are supported for the Touch version?

The ReActivate Touch will accommodate iOS and Android platforms.

How long does it take for the member to receive the Touch product from the time the order is placed?

Once you purchase the product from your sales representative or the online shopping cart, your Pros’ Site account should be updated in approximately 60 minutes. However, most orders will take less time.

How long does it take for divers to receive the product from the time I sell it to them?

An email will be instantly generated and sent to the diver with instructions within 15 minutes. If the email does not arrive within that time frame, have divers check their SPAM folders.

How does the member provide the Touch/Online registration code to the diver?

To provide the diver with the unique code, log into the Pros’ Site and click the Online Service tab and select the Online Processing Center link. Here you’ll see several links including PICs, Touch Registration and ReActivate Registrations sections. The code is under the ReActivate Registration link. This link has three views: Available, Pending, and Redeemed. When you first purchase the product, your account will show one ReActivate code per product under the Available link. Once you assign an email address and click send, the associated code will move to the Pending link until the diver redeems it.

Can children under the age of 13 use the product?

No. To comply with internet protection laws, children under the age of 13 can’t be assigned, redeem or use the product at this time. The Online Processing Center will restrict PADI Members from registering a diver under the age of 13 (Child Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA).

How will a diver view ReActivate Online?

ReActivate Online is a pdf or folio based version of the course. It’s delivered in a book-like format and protected within the DPS online delivery. This version will be served up using the online based Adobe DPS Viewer and will reflect a similar design to the Touch product with the same video content and imagery.

Will there be a paper manual for ReActivate?


Can an instructor register this certification via paper PIC?

No, this is only able to be processed through PADI Online Processing Center.

What is the revenue share for this program?

The revenue share model will be similar to what’s currently used with PADI eLearning®, but the amounts have not yet been determined.