Training Insights… PADI Rescue Diver Part 2: How do you get divers interested in the course?

PADI Rescue Diver training improves the diver’s personal skill level and confidence as well as gaining the in-water and management skills to help others. If divers aren’t quite confident enough to sign up for their Rescue Diver course, offer them an integrated package (which we talked about in our last article) so that they can do other courses in order to refresh their skills and prepare them for the rescue exercises.

PADI456Tip #1 Encourage them to be the best buddy!

Stress the importance of being able to help your buddies or dive team. Nobody likes to be in a situation where they can’t help, and PADI Rescue Divers follow simple guidelines to be able to provide assistance when something goes wrong. None of us can perform miracles, but knowing you have done everything possible is the next best thing.

Tip #2 Remind them that every diver has some rescue skills already.

Even if divers don’t believe they can do it, remind them that they have already mastered self and buddy rescue skills during their PADI Open Water Diver course that they are able to build upon – for example:

  • Mask Clear
  • Regulator Recovery
  • Cramp Release
  • Tired Diver Tows
  • Alternate Air Source Use
  • CESA
  • .etc.

Tip #3 Work around their schedule

PADI352In some areas divers are reluctant to do a Rescue Diver course because they don’t want to miss out on the scenic diving that’s offer, especially if they’re spending holiday time to enjoy the underwater world. Others may simply not have enough time to commit to any entire weekend in one go.

If you have enough daylight hours, why not offer an (early) evening course, split over 4 or five evenings. Alternatively, divers may be tempted to do one dive in the morning and some training in the afternoon. Offering flexibility in times will open the door to more customers taking courses with your business.

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