Why divers stop diving – and how to get them back in the water


Take a moment and think about all of the customers you’ve turned into divers, and then how many have probably not dipped below the surface in a very long time.

The question to ask is why did they stop diving in the first place? They seemed keen, bought the equipment and enjoyed the time spent below the water – and for committed PADI Pros it can be tricky to imagine the idea of lapsing as a diver and leaving the underwater world behind. But, understanding the reasons why some customers choose other priorities will help you find ways in which to overcome these barriers and get them jumping back into the water with you.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that divers don’t stop diving because they fell out of love with the ocean. We know that because we carried out a survey on a group of lapsed PADI divers and asked them a number of questions which included why they stopped diving and whether they’d be likely to start again.

An incredible 97.6% of those who responded to the survey confirmed they would be returning to the sport at some point. Some of the reasons they gave for stopping in the first place were:

  • Having a new family – 59%
  • Local diving is too cold – 50%
  • Too expensive and time consuming – 34%
  • No buddies to dive with – 25%

So now that we’re equipped with some insights into why divers might hang up their mask and fins, we’ve created a series of different marketing materials designed to remind people of their love for scuba diving and help PADI Professionals inspire them to come back and refresh their skills with them before taking new courses, buying kit or booking a trip.

To access the PADI ReActivate marketing toolbox, visit the PADI Pros’ Site and visit Toolbox > Marketing and choose “PADI ReActivate” from the list. Plus, check out our top tips here for making the most of these marketing materials to help encourage non-active divers to come back through your doors!

Remember, nearly 98% of divers who responded wanted to get back into scuba diving again – and it could be with you!